Technical potential

The company regularly traces and purchases new equipment – the latest achievements of the world leaders in the given sphere. Its powerful technique arsenal comprises more than 300 units of the most modern technique of the world-known producers:

  • drilling machinery;
  • machinery to erect "slurry walls";
  • cranes with the load-carrying capacity up to 100 ton;
  • capacious excavators;
  • powerful bulldozers;
  • concrete haulers;
  • pumps;
  • mixers and other machinery.

The Closed Joint Stock Company «Planeta – Bud» uses extensively a unique heavy lorry technique for construction and mining of the company «MASK»: concrete transporters and self – dumping trucks, which are remarkable for their high durability and intended for super – complicated conditions of works on a building site. On the company’s balance there is also a special technique for metropolitan objects construction.



04071, Kyiv,
Konstantinovskaya str. 32-B.

+38 (044) 494 19 12

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