Today the quality and speed of construction in many respects depend on the technologies, used by the company’s specialists. Applying a number of progressive developing and new standards in construction allows for shortening of terms of projects implementation, guarantees effective performance of the assigned tasks, substantially reduces costs, greatly increases labour productivity and meets the modern requirements of environmental safety.

Among the newest and the most valuable technologies of the company we should distinguish as follows:
  • process of laying of concrete and loose blends by placement booms «Telebelt»;
  • manual (without lorry mechanisms) erection of weight reduced cast formwork for adjustment of solid-cast concrete components of the Canadian company «Les Tiges 4 Saisons inc.»;
  • quick erection of light building structures by the telescopic loader «Caterpiller»;
  • mechanical stucco work with the prefabricated dry mixes;
  • erection of attached ventilated facade systems of composite materials;
  • application of the system of filling self-aligning floors (mixes of «Knauff» Firm);
  • application of the system of coats ray cementation «Jet Grouting».


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